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Restaurants & Outlets


Be spoiled for choice at our variety of top restaurants, food court, cafes, fast food outlets and Pub catering to international and local culinary delights, be it Thai, Western, Japanese, Chinese, a quick bite or a nice cold beer, at IMPACT we have it all.

Food Arena

The new food court is located on the 3rd floor of The Portal building. Its slogan is “Enjoy a hearty meal. Choose the right spot that fits your style”. It offers a wide range of food choices by more than 14 popular restaurants as well as beverage bars and a dessert shop, with prices starting from 45 - 80 baht. Open daily from 10 AM – 8 PM (Extend to 9 PM on concert day at IMPACT Arena) 

List of restaurants at Food Arena

  • Beverage Bar 1 / Fruit & Bakery 
  • Beverage Bar 2
  • Dessert shop
  • Kha Moo Hong Kong (Braised pork leg)
  • Kalpapruek Restaurant
  • Chan Duan Restaurant
  • Go Tia Thai noodle shop
  • Krua Mae Ploy
  • Pathum Thani Roasted Duck
  • Ped Phalo Mae Sri  Nuan Chinese restaurant (Chinese-style duck stew)
  • Pad Thai Hoi Tod restaurant (Thai stir-fried noodles and Thai-style fried mussels)
  • Rad Na Yod Phak (Noodles in gravy with young kale leaves)
  • Rad Na Yod Phak (Noodles in gravy with young kale leaves)
  • Heng Muang Thong 
  • Masaru Japanese Restaurant
  • EZ's Kitchen Steak Shop
  • Khao Phad Poo Muang Thong

Fast Food outlets and Food Court

IMPACT houses a number of local and international outlets, providing you a variety of dinning choices, located in every building for your convenience.
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7-11 retro bar and cafe
K.KenSteak Thailand Post ยำแซ่บ Krungsri Bank