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Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018 Exhibition Trade 04 July 2018 08 July 2018

Time:   Several Showtime
Venue: Challenger 2

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018 will mark its 6th edition this year at IMPACT Challenger 2, showcasing top quality tuning products, after-market auto parts, accessories, and all kinds of body kits including SUVs, trucks, cars, and motorcycles from the world’s renowned manufacturers such as Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Subaru, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and so much more. You will find a variety of promotion and special campaign.

Ticket is 100 baht

Wednesday-Friday Time: 12:00-21:30 hrs.
Saturday-Sunday Time: 11:00-21:30 hrs.

Contact Event Organizer
Cournot and Nash Co., Ltd.
Tel. 0 2805 8100

SmartHeart presents Thailand International Dog Show 2018 Exhibition Public 05 July 2018 08 July 2018

Time:   10:00-20:00 hrs.
Venue: Hall 1-2

SmartHeart presents Thailand International Dog Show 2018

Let’s have fun with adorable dogs and various activities under the theme “Year of the dog”. IMPACT Exhibition Management Co. Ltd., together with The Kennel Club of Thailand, Thai Pet Products Industries Association and Perfect Companion Group Co. Ltd., are proudly to organizing this event for dog lover to come and join the activities such as
• International Dog Competition
• Dog Agility zone
• Pitbull Playground zone
• Dog Parade in a theme of “COLORFUL PARTY”
• Dog Clinic – Free check up
• TIDS CARD privileged member ship
• Lucky Draw to win IPhoneX and a precious pendant
Don’t miss the special products and discount sale up to 70%
(Entrance Ticket 25 Baht).
For more information, please visit

Download Activities Schedule

Ticket is 25 THB

Contact Event Organizer
IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.
Show Manager: IMPACT Exhibition Organizer
Tel. 0 2833 5122

SMART SME Expo 2018 Exhibition Trade and Public 05 July 2018 08 July 2018

Time:   10:00-20:00 hrs.
Venue: Hall 3-4

SMART SME Expo 2018

Smart SME Expo 2018, the only one that captures all the stories of startup investment. Update business trends Develop and expand business. The event is designed to meet the needs of SMEs in Thailand, the largest SMEs in Thailand, on 10,000 sq.m. To complement the opportunities and needs of SMEs both seminars knowledge. Business Matchmaking and Network Builder Negotiation Suitable for entrepreneurs. Business owners, startups, investors, and professionals are ready to provide full support. Smart SMEs Expo 2018 mobilizes public and private sectors Financial institutions and entrepreneurs from many different businesses to match business. Create a new supplier network. And forward business opportunities. All businesses do not miss.
• Increased opportunities for new customers.
• Create a network of industry and business related.
• Find new ideas, innovative ideas to develop your products and services.
• Free admission and unlimited activities.

Contact Event Organizer
PMG Corporation Co., Ltd.
Tel. 0 2704 7958
Mobile. 08 6314 1482

BBB...Baby & Kids Best Buy 31st Exhibition Public 05 July 2018 08 July 2018

Time:   10:00-20:00 hrs.
Venue: Challenger 3

BBB...Baby & Kids Best Buy 31st

BBB...Baby & Kids Best Buy 31st Moms & Kids shopping fair with more than 1 million items such as baby stroller, car seat, breast pump, clothes, and organic products at IMPACT Muangthong Thani.
✨ Full Exhibition Space of 20,000 sq.m. at Challenger 3
✨ Over 10,000 units of parking lot
✨ Over 1,200 booths of exhibitors
Enjoy Shopping with 80% discount offering and even the activities which is launched to let all members of the family taking their quality time together.
- Baby Gadoob Gadoob for 6-12 months old
- Baby Vroom Vroom for 1-2 years old
- Baby Dance Dance for 1-3 years old
The energetic racing ever for your babies, Please join us!
See you at BBB... Baby & Kids Best Buy 31st

Contact Event Organizer
Ace-con (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tel. 0 2689 2899
Mobile. 08 9689 8000

Mid Year Sale 2018 Exhibition Public 07 July 2018 15 July 2018

Time:   10:30-21:00 hrs.
Venue: Hall 5-8

Mid Year Sale 2018

1. Furniture Mid Year Sale
2. Fashion&Jewelry Mid Year Sale
3. Wedding Mid Year Sale
4. Electronics Mid Year Sale

Contact Event Organizer
Union Pan Exhibitions Co.,Ltd.
Tel. 0 2719 0408

YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in BANGKOK Concert 07 July 2018 07 July 2018

Time:   18:00 hrs.
Venue: Thunder Dome


Nothing is more wonderful than this! SM True finally got a chance to welcome the Goddess of Beauty "YOONA" from No.1 Girl Group "Girls' Generation" In the phenomenal fanmeeting The wonderful day for "YOONA" and her beloved Thai fans is coming.
Make sure your heart is ready to be captured by her infinity beauty and charm together. #YOONA_SoWonderfulDayinBKK

Ticket are 5,500 / 4,500 / 3,500 / 2,000 THB

Contact Event Organizer
SM True Co., Ltd.
Tel. 0 2711 7788