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Event Calendar
IMPACT LIGHTING FEST เทศกาลไฟ “สุด ปี แสง”
Date : 29 November 2019 - 16 February 2020
Time : 16:00-23:00 hrs.
Venue : Garden in front of IMACT Arena
Type : Exhibition Public

IMPACT LIGHTING FEST เทศกาลไฟ 'สุด ปี แสง'

The largest light event in the last month of the year. IMPACT Lighting Fest provides you a good vibes of chilling, eating, shopping and special activities for all 4 months.
• Volks Fest : Chilling with your family or peeps together with classic craft beer and live music
• Green Market : Favorited event for those who love organic products
• Camping and Outdoor Sport : Bring for all types of camping and outdoor activity products
• Playground : Special extreme rides, only in this event!
More! We brings famous foods and drinks booths which have a unique character of their own!

Ticket are Adult 70 Baht (Mon-Fri) and 100 Baht (Sat-Sun)
Children 50 Baht Free! for children less than 75 cm. height.

Contact Event Organizer
IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.
Show Manager: Tiraya Tongkerd
Tel. 02-833-5109