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Thailand HR Day 2018 : DISRUPT to DESIGN HR Convention 21 November 2018 22 November 2018

Time:   08:30-17:00 hrs.
Venue: IMPACT Forum

Thailand HR Day 2018 : DISRUPT to DESIGN HR

Disrupt to Design HR brings you into a new era of Disruptive World, a complete 360-degree perspective. The association would like to invite you to learn, exchange ideas, discover solutions, and identify factors that create a positive impact in world. Together, we seek ways to cope with challenges this new generation faces and widen outlooks in terms of transitions that directly affect HR employees while enhancing creativity together with design that best suits the ever-changing world.

Contact Event Organizer
Personnel Management Association of Thailand
Show Manager:
Tel. 02-374-0855

12th International Bangkok Bike Exhibition Public 22 November 2018 25 November 2018

Time:   11:00-21:00 hrs.
Venue: Hall 3-4

12th International Bangkok Bike

The most exciting bicycle expo in Thailand where you can find everything about bicycle from E-Bike, complete bicycle, bicycle components, fashionable apparels and gadgets. Exclusive for speed lovers, "Indoor Eliminator Fun Race" and Special for kids "Balance Bike Competition" Don't miss an opportunity to be a part of an all-inclusive show for bicycle enthuastics

Contact Event Organizer
N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd
Tel. 02-203-4241-44

มหกรรมการท่องเที่ยวชุมชน OTOP นวัตวิถี Exhibition Public 22 November 2018 26 November 2018

Time:   08:30-20:30 hrs.
Venue: Hall 5-7

มหกรรมการท่องเที่ยวชุมชน OTOP นวัตวิถี

Contact Event Organizer
Community Development Department
Tel. 02-141-8910
Show Organizer: Image Solution Co.Ltd

Lakefront Garden Wonderland Special Event 23 November 2018 31 January 2019

Time:   16:00-24:00 hrs.
Venue: IMPACT Lakefront

Lakefront Garden Wonderland

IMPACT organizes the first edition of “Lakefront Garden Wonderland” at the iconic IMPACT Lakefront, which is emerging as a new popular travel destination among Thais and foreigners. The event, which is part of New Year celebration, is organized under the concept of “Garden Wonderland” and features an array of fun-filled activities, special promotions from 3 international restaurants, beautifully decorated garden with a fairy tale theme, a 9.5-meter-tall Christmas tree adorned with dazzling lights, the first-ever exclusive boat show in the lake, and live music in a romantic and chillaxing vibe coupled with scenic lake views. The event is happening from November 23, 2018 until January 31, 2019 at IMPACT Lakefront, Muang Thong Thani. For more information, Tel. 02-033-1851(Breeze Café & Bar), 02-033-1853 (Uwajima) and 02-033-5009 (Isan Jim Joom)

For Reservation
Tel. 02-033-1851

BABB BIRD BIRD SHOW # 11-2018 : DREAM JOURNEY Concert 24 November 2018 25 November 2018

Time:   Several Showtime
Venue: Arena


Ticket is available at Or Call Center 0 2262 3456
For more information:

Ticket are 6,500 (VIP) / 6,000 / 5,000 / 4,000 / 3,500 / 2,500 / 2,000 / 1,500 THB

November 24, 2018 Show Time: 19:00 hrs.
November 25, 2018 Show Time: 15:00 hrs.

Contact Event Organizer
GMM Grammy PCL.
Ticket available at Thaiticketmajor
Tel. 0 2262 3456

2018 FTISLAND LIVE [+] IN BANGKOK Concert 24 November 2018 24 November 2018

Time:   18:00 hrs.
Venue: Thunder Dome


Get ready to burst out all the fun with the Korean rock band ‘FTISLAND’ at ‘2018 FTISLAND LIVE [+] IN BANGKOK’ this November 24th!

The Korean rock band that just flew in to warm up the Thai screaming fans in the beginning of this October, FTISLAND is ready to be back again to fascinate all the fans this November 24th at the Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani with the support of the generous organizer ‘Element Entertainment International’. The 5 band members have heard the voices of the ‘Thai Primadonna’ fans club, which have been expecting the band’s return after the first warm up. This popular idol rock band from ‘FNC Entertainment’ consists of Choi Jong-hoon (leader, guitar, and keyboard), Lee Hong-gi (main vocals), Lee Jae-jin (bass and second vocals), Song Seung-hyun (guitar, vocals, and rap), and Choi Min-hwan (drums and sub vocalist). The band is expected to bring back the most ultimate concert ever that everyone has been waiting for.

FTISLAND has just released the song ‘Summer Night’s Dream’ in their 6th mini album 'WHAT IF' on July 26th, after the anniversary of their 10th album 'Over 10 Years' in June 2017. Following their announcement of the album release, they immediately announced the concert ‘2018 FTISLAND LIVE [+] IN SEOUL’, which was held on August 11th – 12th at Blue Square in Yongsan District, Seoul. The fans of ‘Primadonna’ from various countries came and enjoyed the vibes filled with fun and memorable moments with the members of FTISLAND. The band is also scheduled to visit Taipei, Taiwan this November 4th to bring even more vibes to the Taiwanese fans.

Ticket are 5,900 / 4,900 / 3,900 / 2,900 / 1,900 THB

Contact Event Organizer
Element Entertainment International Co.,Ltd.
Tel. 062-252-6951, 089-365-2834