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The Portal Lifestyle Complex

The Portal

Located in the same compound as IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, “The Portal Lifestyle Complex” comprises four stories with modern interior and exterior design inspired by the movement of undercurrents. The 8,000-square-meter building houses retail stores, leading restaurants, food court, and brand-name outlets, serving as a meeting point for those attending events at IMPACT as well as a new lifestyle venue for the general public. “The Portal Lifestyle Complex” is conveniently connected to IMPACT Arena, IMPACT Challenger and IMPACT Exhibition Center via well-designed link bridges like a traveler voyaging across two universes, providing utmost convenience for everyone.

Featured facilities

1st Floor

International restaurants e.g. After You, Burger King, On The Table
Retail stores and service providers e.g. Dunkin’ Donuts and Thai Ticket Major

2nd Floor

Leading restaurants e.g. Isan @Arena, Tsubohachi, Hong Kong Suki and Café Amazon
Link Bridge connecting to IMPACT Challenger, Hall 1, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Hall 5 and IMPACT Arena (3rd Floor)

3rd Floor Food Arena (a food court)
4th Floor The Portal Ballroom
Parking spaces 70
Opening hours Open daily 
1st floor   10 AM - 8 PM
2nd floor   11 AM - 8 PM
3rd floor   10 AM - 8 PM  (Food Arena; subject to change when special events are held)
The Portal Ballroom - The medium-sized ballroom offers spacious, luxurious and elegant function area with stunning, modern décor featuring gray carpet that matches perfectly well with gold ceiling, stylish chandeliers, and multiple lighting layers. The ballroom offers 1,500 square meters of versatile space (read more)